Listing Policy

The goal of the NUTINY Marketplace is to be a free (till 2021), useful resource for people looking for a tiny house to buy or rent. For that to happen, we all need to follow a few rules.

General Information

Listing on the NUTINY.COM is free.

Except for featured listings, listings are ordered by their expiration date.

Listings expire after 120 days. Once a listing expires it remains on the marketplace, however, identifying information such as the sellers name, location, and a means of contacting them are removed.

At any time, you can archive your listing. Once a listing is archived it remains on the marketplace, however, it is removed from search and identifying information such as the sellers name, location, and a means of contacting them is removed. The only way to view an archived listing is by having the direct link to the listing.

What Can Be Listed

Houses listed on the NUTINY.COM can be no greater than 50 square meter (not including sleeping lofts).

Listings can only be for houses that are completed or partially completed. Please , if post about houses for which construction has not yet begun choose OFF PLAN type.

No posts for services, for instance “Taking orders for Houses” or “Have solar panels installed on your house”, are permitted.

Listing Content Guidelines


The title should be a concise, unique description of the listing. It should not be ALL CAPS or include spammy language (e.g. “Let’s make a deal”).

Description and Details

The description should include all of the relevant information for the listing. Do not provide a link and ask that readers go to another site to get the details.

All details must be accurate at the time of posting.


A minimum of one image is required for each listing. The images for a listing must include real pictures of the properties current state. Renderings are allowed but cannot be the only images.

Images should not be collages of multiple pictures or include text overlays.

Listing Rules

Houses should only be listed one time. If a listing is discovered to be a duplicate, both the original and duplicates will be removed.

If a moderator determines, at their sole discretion, that any of the above rules have been violated or a listing is of low quality, the listing will be marked as rejected and the seller will have a chance to resubmit it for approval. Blatant violations will be deleted.